Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The WIP that wants to be 'in progress'

I’ve got the title, plot, theme, characters, the characters’ personalities – their GMC and loads and loads of notes. Heck, even though it will need fleshing out and the characters will probably give me a few surprises, I know the story.

So why am I finding it so hard to write the first line…first paragraph…first page? Or at least write something I’m happy with. It isn’t that I’m trying to start in the wrong place – more that I can’t find the right place.

Seeing as I know so much of the story already, why can’t I leave the first page for now and just get on with the rest?

I can’t work like that, though. I have to have a title before I can start writing and then get the first page right. OK, the opening might change if, after I’ve finished the first draft, I decide I’ve started the story in the wrong place or at the wrong time.

But to know that, I have to get to the end…and to get to the end I have to have a first page that really, really works for me…

Now you'll understand why I've been absent from the Land of Blog for a while and apologies to all my blog mates for not visiting.

P.S. Thanks to Jarmara and Carol for my Awards. I'll display them when my current problem is resolved!