Thursday, 30 May 2013

More Prefab-ulous News!!

I was more than a little bit chuffed when Shirley Blair, my lovely editor at People’s Friend, said she was going to do a blog piece about David Young - the artist who illustrates my Broome Park prefab village stories.

This is the latest painting. Isn’t it great! It illustrated my latest story "Lost And Found" which is in "The People's Friend" Special No. 72, on sale now.

And here’s a snippet from the ‘Friend’s’ blog. But do go and read the whole thing for yourselves! Visit The People's Friend Facebook page, too, for lots of friendly chat.

“Readers almost feel they know the families of Broome Park prefab village as well as they know their own neighbours, and it's thanks to the combined creative talents of Pat Posner and David Young...

So we asked David how he goes about transferring Pat's lively characters on to canvas.”