Monday, 1 March 2010

It must be a Sign! March 1st of Many Moons Ago

Do you believe in signs?

I was looking through old photos this morning and came across this one and...
It had a date on the back. March 1st 1990. Twenty years ago! It was the only photo with a date on so it had to be a sign, didn't it? Primple, the cat in the photo, was 15 - she died seven years later. Hmm, was it a sign telling me to write a book about a cat? Or...
Ooooh, the farmhouse in the photo is across the valley on the moors opposite our house up the hill and in one of my books that farm is where Claire Evans, a secondary character, lives. I think Claire, aged 11, must be telling me she wants a book of her own.

So forget Mad March Hares, I've got a Mad March Muse.

Does anyone else believe in signs?