Monday, 17 August 2009


Please go and congratulate Amanda Ashby my ‘genie-us’ friend – who’s also one of my crit partners – on her ‘djinnous’ news.

This is the announcement on Publisher's Marketplace:

Amanda Ashby's untitled middle-grade series about a girl who accidentally gets turned into a djinn (genie) the day before starting sixth grade and has to learn to deal with her new powers without her mom finding out, to Karen Chaplin at Puffin, in a three-book deal, by Jenny Bent at The Bent Agency (world English).

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Takeover Tuesday!

Edited to add: If you're wondering
why I've taken over this blog for the day...

My name is…
Well, it doesn’t matter what it is because it might
be changed anyway.
I am…
A girl.
I think I’m about eight or nine years old.
For a long time, I was running around
inside a head answering questions.
Sometimes, because the person whose head I was in
didn’t seem to like the answers,
I was asked to change them!
I got so dizzy, so hemmed-in, I kept yelling to be let out.
Eventually, I got my own way.
You’d think life would have got easier then,
wouldn’t you?
But it didn’t. I’ve spent the last few days
answering – or trying to answer –
more questions.
Until today.
Tuesday August 11th 2009.
The thing is, I’ve told ‘my person’ what I’m called,
what colour my hair is, where I live,
who I live with, what my problems are -
that’s apart from the problem of how to stop her
asking more questions so I can get on with life!
who my friends are – or are not – and stuff like that.
Right now, my person is busy studying all my
answers to her questions and writing
lots of notes so while she’s doing that
I thought I’d ask a few questions of my own.
Seeing as my person is too busy to answer them,
I’m hoping that some of you,
who have lived inside someone’s head,
will answer them.
I think I’ll call this post:
Character to Character

When the person whose head you’ve been
running around inside of lets you out,
do you have to answer loads more questions
like I did?
If you’ve already told that person your name,
does h/she ever say it’ll need
to be changed
because it doesn’t go with
the colour of your hair,
or your size, or the year you’re living in,
or your personality?
Does your person try to stop you
doing something you want to do –
or does your person let you
have your own way to see what happens?
Oh, sugar and sherbet!
My person needs to check something out with me.
It looks like she’s in a bit of a tizz-wozz
so I better go.
I’ll try to come back later and, meanwhile...
It would be great if some of you –
or some of the people whose head you lived inside –
could answer my questions.