Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Takeover Tuesday!

Edited to add: If you're wondering
why I've taken over this blog for the day...

My name is…
Well, it doesn’t matter what it is because it might
be changed anyway.
I am…
A girl.
I think I’m about eight or nine years old.
For a long time, I was running around
inside a head answering questions.
Sometimes, because the person whose head I was in
didn’t seem to like the answers,
I was asked to change them!
I got so dizzy, so hemmed-in, I kept yelling to be let out.
Eventually, I got my own way.
You’d think life would have got easier then,
wouldn’t you?
But it didn’t. I’ve spent the last few days
answering – or trying to answer –
more questions.
Until today.
Tuesday August 11th 2009.
The thing is, I’ve told ‘my person’ what I’m called,
what colour my hair is, where I live,
who I live with, what my problems are -
that’s apart from the problem of how to stop her
asking more questions so I can get on with life!
who my friends are – or are not – and stuff like that.
Right now, my person is busy studying all my
answers to her questions and writing
lots of notes so while she’s doing that
I thought I’d ask a few questions of my own.
Seeing as my person is too busy to answer them,
I’m hoping that some of you,
who have lived inside someone’s head,
will answer them.
I think I’ll call this post:
Character to Character

When the person whose head you’ve been
running around inside of lets you out,
do you have to answer loads more questions
like I did?
If you’ve already told that person your name,
does h/she ever say it’ll need
to be changed
because it doesn’t go with
the colour of your hair,
or your size, or the year you’re living in,
or your personality?
Does your person try to stop you
doing something you want to do –
or does your person let you
have your own way to see what happens?
Oh, sugar and sherbet!
My person needs to check something out with me.
It looks like she’s in a bit of a tizz-wozz
so I better go.
I’ll try to come back later and, meanwhile...
It would be great if some of you –
or some of the people whose head you lived inside –
could answer my questions.


Quillers said...

Oh Pat, am shaking my head vigorously here! And I love that this character is turning the tables and asking her own questions! Lovely and very poignanty.

Flowerpot said...

I know that feeling only too well! And if she's running round changing things then that can only be a good thing!

Juliet Boyd said...

To answer your questions, that'll be yes to all of them. Or no. Maybe. Sometimes. Oh, what does it matter as long as people believe in you? That's what you really want, isn't it?

Pat Posner said...

She's a right pain, Quillers. I'm quite fond of her, though.
Hope you're having a brilliant birthday.

Pat Posner said...

Hmm, Flowerpot
It will be an even better thing when she eventually lets me have my way *smile*

Pat Posner said...

I've taken over again to reply to Juliet...

That's a great answer, Juliet!

I do, I do, I do want people to believe in me. That's why I've got to make sure 'my person' lets me have my way. Right?

Carol said...

I can't comment about characters but if I have an idea for a drawing brewing then it's there every time I close my eyes and it refuses to go away till I've either drawn it or written it down in my notebook!! (Can drawing's have characters?)

C x

Pat Posner said...

I'm sure drawings behind your eyes have as much personality and 'loud-mouth' as characters who run around inside a person's head.

womagwriter said...

I suspect you are called Lillibeth. You sound just like a Lillibeth. What do you think?

Pat Posner said...

Womag, you got part of my current name right. I must make sure my person reads your comment.

Antonia said...

I'm in somebody's head too! My question is, how do you escape out from that head, and move on to another head?

Pat Posner said...

Surely you don't want to live in another head, Antonia? Just yell until your person lets you out and then make her write your story!

Tam said...

You'll have to come back and tell us more, once your person sorts herself out :-)

Debs said...

Very clever post.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post, Pat. I sometimes think I'm living in a surreal world (don't laugh), so I'm glad it's not just me...!!

Love CJ xx

HelenMHunt said...

My person made me fall in love with someone I really didn't want to fall in love with. Not sure how I'm going to get out of that one ...


Pat Posner said...

Me and my person are having quite a battle right now. She says I make her feel like a headless chicken!

Pat Posner said...

Thank you, Debs.
Crystal, it iS good to know we aren't alone in our surreal world!

Pat Posner said...

Maybe we should get my person to send me to your person so I can help or hinder the romance you didn't want!

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Ellie said...

I love that your character has taken over and asking questions. They do that, don't they!