Friday, 16 January 2009

It's been a While, but...

Yes! I got lost in my writing today. So lost I didn't hear the timer go off - the smell of burning got through to me though.
It's the first time for ages I've been so deeply immersed and, even though I had to throw the spuds away, I felt great.
Funny thing is, it isn't the 'Evacuee' one I'm working on, it's a 'just-born' story for a My Weekly Pocket Novel. There is a dog in it, but not a rough collie.
So if I wish for you (all my marvellous blog mates) to burn potatoes, too, you'll know I'm being cruel to be very kind.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

I'm almost...Back in the Land of Blog

I did try to blog a few days ago, wishing you all ‘good health, peace and successful writing' etc, but something weird happened.
I inserted a Happy New Year picture I’d downloaded from a free clipart place and when I posted the HNY picture just kept repeating itself. I deleted the post but had to delete each picture separately! There must have been over 100 of them and I swear as I deleted one a new one added itself.

Anyway, because there was also a bit of sad news in that deleted post it’s taken me days to manage to rewrite it.
We’ve had to return Tessa Buttons to her breeder (a friend of the breeder’s is having her and as the friend already has Tessa’s mum, I’m sure Tessa will settle in happily).
Tessa B was fantastic in every way except one. Whatever we tried – and we tried everything we, and others, could think of (except an electric collar) – we just could not stop her from chasing sheep. At first it was just a teeny run towards them and she’d come straight back when called. But then she started to ignore us when we called her and chased them further and further. I suppose some of it could have been down to that sheep who, in Tessa’s early days here, kept running to her for a nuzzle. But whatever it was we couldn’t let it go on because if we had it would have ended in tragedy. At least we rescued her when, at the time, there wasn’t anyone else who could and now she’s gone to her new home fit and healthy (and away from sheep).

Perhaps, as a true professional would, I should try and write it into a magazine story. Maybe one day…