Sunday, 31 May 2009

"A good leak in June sets All Things in Tune"

I so hope that old country saying won't come true in the House up the Hill. I wrote about a leak on March 28th. We've had two more leaks this month with water pouring through the kitchen ceiling again - in a different place from previously. This time it was the hot water cylinder - we're on spring water here which is great except for the fact it eats its way through copper. So plumber came and put a new cylinder in. Trouble was, as we found out the next morning, a joint (or something!) on the cylinder was faulty and let water out. *Sigh*

In spite of that, I have managed to write a synopsis and 2 chapters of a new book.
When do you write your synopsis?
I will never, ever again write one before getting a word of the book on paper. OK, I know you're not tied to the synopsis but once it was written, it was in my head and it made it much harder than usual to get the 'magical' first lines right.
The 2 Ts aren't in the book as themselves - but in a way the 2 human MCs have a lot in common with Tim and Ted - and there are puppies in it who do some of the things T&T do.

Speaking of Tim and Ted...

"Do you think we've grown?"

"It's June 1st tomorrow. Let's remind all our blog mates to say 'White Rabbits' three times over in the morning before speaking to anyone."

Friday, 8 May 2009

Friday, 1 May 2009

Did You Make a First of May Wish?

Right now: I'm frustrated because, in my head, I can see pictures to go with the text in my current WIP and the mock-ups are more than ever MUCK-UPS!

So, what's that got to do with the header? Well...

On the first day of every month I try and remember not to speak to anyone until I've said 'White Rabbits' three times and made a wish. If on the First of May you wash your face in early morning dew, then say 3x White Rabbits, then make your wish (all before uttering a word to anyone) your wish has more chance than ever of coming true because May dew has magical properties. Hmm...

If I hadn't spoken to Husband up the Hill and T&T before remembering the date, I would have done the above and my wish would have been: "I wish I could draw!"

So did you make a wish this morning? And if you didn't, what would your wish have been? You can tell me, because I washed my screen with May dew and that might help your wish come true!

*Edited to Add
I've just read about AV's Ms Bo: Absolute Vanilla... (and Atyllah)
So my May Day wish is for Ms Bo's safety and happiness now she's making her journey into the big wide world.