Friday, 17 August 2012

Look! Two Awards...

Thank you, Teresa @ for these fabulous, lovely awards.

I have to 'pay' for the Fabulous Blog Ribbon by telling five fabulous things about my life. 

So... Family. That, of course includes Tim and Ted our fabulous rough collies.

My husband being so supportive of my writing and reading most of it in ms form as well.

Hubby selling his 1950s Collection of miniature racing cars.

Where we live (though if we get snowed or iced in, I do have a little moan).

Friends -  some are cyber friends, you know who you are, who mean as much to me as friends I can see and meet. And I really hope to meet some of my cyber friends one day.

I have to pass the awards to seven lovely bloggers who, if they like, can tell their five fabulous things.

That's hard because a lot of lovely bloggers have already had the awards passed on. So I'll
pass them on to any of my blogging friends' pets who'd like to tell us their five fabulous thing!

Another fabulous thing is having a story in this fabulous Annual along with some of my special writing friends.