Friday, 17 August 2012

Look! Two Awards...

Thank you, Teresa @ for these fabulous, lovely awards.

I have to 'pay' for the Fabulous Blog Ribbon by telling five fabulous things about my life. 

So... Family. That, of course includes Tim and Ted our fabulous rough collies.

My husband being so supportive of my writing and reading most of it in ms form as well.

Hubby selling his 1950s Collection of miniature racing cars.

Where we live (though if we get snowed or iced in, I do have a little moan).

Friends -  some are cyber friends, you know who you are, who mean as much to me as friends I can see and meet. And I really hope to meet some of my cyber friends one day.

I have to pass the awards to seven lovely bloggers who, if they like, can tell their five fabulous things.

That's hard because a lot of lovely bloggers have already had the awards passed on. So I'll
pass them on to any of my blogging friends' pets who'd like to tell us their five fabulous thing!

Another fabulous thing is having a story in this fabulous Annual along with some of my special writing friends.


Teresa Ashby said...

Aw, I knew Tim and Ted would get a special mention :-) And I know what you mean about fabulous cyber friends.

I think it's a lovely idea to pass the awards on to the pets of bloggers :-)

I have my copy of the PF annual, but haven't read any of it yet - I am saving it for dark evenings when I can curl up and enjoy it in warm cosiness :-) xx

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved awards. I love the PF annuals too.x

Anonymous said...

I love all the People's Friend publications, the weekly magazine, the Fiction Specials and the Annual. Feel good, often nostalgic or stories that bring a lump to the throat. They're all there. I hope they never change the sort of stories to the harder-edged ones.

I enjoyed your story in the Annual Pat. Will there be any more stories about Maisie and her neighbours in the magazine?

Pleas keep writing and tell your friends who have stories in the magazine to keep writing as well

Kindest regards

Beryl James

Patsy said...

Congrats on the awards - and on being in the anthology.

Pat Posner said...

Hi, Teresa
Hope to see a post from Indy then! It was you not Indy who passed on the Awards so he's allowed to accept them.

Enjoying the PF Annual in warm cosiness sounds perfect. I think DCT should use that quote somewhere.

Thanks, Debs. Please tell Grumps to collect the Awards! Glad you enjoy the Annuals.

Thank you for visiting, Beryl James. It's lovely to hear (read)
why you enjoy all things People's Friend. Glad you enjoyed the story in the Annual.
And, yes, there will be more stories about Maisie and her neighbours in the prefab village.

I'll pass on your message to my friends who write for PF. I'm sure they'll be really chuffed!

Thank you, Patsy!

Amanda said...

Congratulations on your lovely awards, Pat :-)

I can't wait to read your story in the annual. :-) x

Anonymous said...

Much deserved awards for you, Pat. Hope all is well with you.

Big hugs to Tim and Ted, and if there's room for a little one in PF, I'm hoping to bring my writing sabbatical to an end in the near future!

Kathryn xx

joanne fox said...

Harvey will be most honoured to collect the award next time he blogs. I'll look out for you in the Annual. x

Anonymous said...

Hey, Pat
Big trouble commenting - trying again as Anonymous
Love your awards and looking forward to reading your story in the Annual.
Must tell my granny about all the comments she adores people's Friend


Pat Posner said...

Hi, Mandy
Thanks for the congrats. You do know I expect your Ruby to accept the Awards? I know she's only a puppy but I bet she's already got five fabulous things!

Pat Posner said...

Crystal, great to see you. It's been a while!
Tim 'n' Ted say woofyou for the hugs and send tail wags to you humans and all the dogs and sheep.

I hope some of your collies accept the Awards.

Yes, you should write a short story aimed at People's Friend. A fun one which includes the farm animals maybe?

Pat Posner said...

Harvey, I'm looking forward to reading your blog post soon.

Anonymous Sabbie
Thanks for persevering. Glad you got here in the end.

It's good to hear your granny likes People's Friend so much! I hope she, and you, enjoy the Annual, too. It's full of lovely stories.

Pat Posner said...

Harvey, I'm looking forward to reading your blog post soon.

Anonymous Sabbie
Thanks for persevering. Glad you got here in the end.

It's good to hear your granny likes People's Friend so much! I hope she, and you, enjoy the Annual, too. It's full of lovely stories.

Flowerpot said...

Oh thanks Pat! I will tell Mollie and get her writing! xx

Shirley Wells said...

Congrats on your well deserved awards, Pat, and on being in the PF Annual. All exciting stuff!

So glad Tim and Ted got a special mention. Dylan and Tilly send woofy wags and the next time they blog, they'll tell you 5 fantastic things about their lives ... like getting me out of bed at 5 am this morning... ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw on facebook about someone saying why they liked peoples friend magazine on here so i came to look.
other comments on fb and places make out its silver surfers and old grans who like it. i'm in my eaarly 30's and i like the stories in the magazine for the same reasons as said in the comments on here. sometimes their nostalgic set in the past with older characters but often their younger married or single. and whatever age they have problems or happening in their life any age can relate to.
its nice to read stories that aren't full of violent things theres to much of that around.


Amanda said...

Thanks Pat - Ruby says thank you X

Pat Posner said...

I look forward to seeing blog posts from Flowerpot's Mollie, Shirley Wells' Dylan and Tilly and Amanda's Ruby.

Pat Posner said...

Thank you for visiting, Freida.
It's so good to hear from 'Friend' readers and to see why they like the stories in the magazine.

HelenMHunt said...

Lovely post! My four are arguing already about the most important five things!

Suzanne Jones said...

This is a lovely post, Pat. Congratulations ont the award and a great idea to pass it onto pets. I might be brave and see if my daughter's (half Scottish wild)cat will accept. :0)


unikorna said...

Congrats on the awards, you have a beautiful, friendly, colorful blog :). So lovely to meet you.

Pat Posner said...

Helen, I look forward to reading my furry N&Ns' 5 fab things!

Hi, Suz
It would be interesting to see a blog post from a half Scottish wild cat. What's the other half?

Great to meet you, Unikorna, thanks for visiting. Your Esy looks adorable. Our old cat was almost 23 when she went over Rainbow Bridge.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat, now I'm definately going to buy the annual knowing you have a story in there. Well done.xx

Diane Fordham said...

Congrats Pat. I enjoyed learning a little more about you. x

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