Monday, 10 September 2012

Another Fabulous Illustration

This is the painting that illustrated my story (the second one set in the 1950s about the people who live in prefab village somewhere 'oop north') in The People's Friend Diamond Jubilee Issue.

I know! I'm 3 months late in posting it. It took me a long time to get used to finding things on my new computer.

I've just seen a sneaky preview of the painting for another story about the prefab folk. David Young  is so fantastic at capturing my characters and the atmosphere and the 1950s. I can't wait to show you this one, but I'll have to wait until the issue with that story in is out.

Meanwhile, I've a story in The People's Friend Fiction Special 63. Out now.


Paula R C Readman said...

What a wonderful picture for your story! I always wondered what picture they would use for my story when I sent in my stories. It been awhile since I've sent in any of mine.

I look forward to reading your story and see your next one.

Teresa Ashby said...

It is such a lovely picture. I love reading about your prefab folk and look forward to the next one.
Also loved For the Present in the Special :-) x

Pat Posner said...

Hi, Paula
It's a perfect picture, isn't it!
Hope you write and sub some stories soon.


Pat Posner said...

Hi, Teresa
Oh, it's great to hear you like reading about my prefab folk because I love going back to 'their' village.

I've got my fingers crossed for a couple more prefab stories I'm waiting to hear about. I hope I'm not jinxing myself but I already know which scenes I'd love David to illustrate. (Not that I really have any say in it!)


Anonymous said...

I remember the story that went with the lovely picture. The illustrater is so good at bringing your stories even more alive.

So glad to see there will be more about the characters who live in the prefabs. I've a friend who lived in one when she was in her teens so I lent her my copies of the magazine and now she gets it for herself.

Kind regards Pat
Beryl James

Diane Fordham said...

Really nice pic. Good luck with your other stories Pat x

joanne fox said...

Enjoyed your antiques shop story in the current PF Special.

Good luck with the other prefab ones, which are proving so popular. What a fantastic idea you had there!

Amanda said...

What a gorgeous picture, Pat X

Pat Posner said...

Thank you so much for your comments.
Great to hear your friend is now a PF reader.

Pat Posner said...

Thank you, Diane
I really love how David captures everything in scenes from my stories.

Pat Posner said...

Aw, thank you, Joanne
I'm so glad readers are enjoying my prefab stories; I really love writing them.
I'm looking forward to reading your Christmas story with Harvey dog's appearance!

Pat Posner said...

Hi, Mandy
Picture # 3 is gorgeous, too. Hope I can show it everyone soon!

Anonymous said...

it's Edward again
our granma Maisie likes this picture like the last one.

Mummy says we can by her the annual for Christmas.

Debs Carr said...

I do love these pictures and am fascinated by these prefab houses. I've never seen one, but would love to do so.

Rosalind Adam said...

I love that picture. I remember living near a row of prefabs that looked exactly like that except the grass was not quite as lush and green.

Kath said...

What a beautiful, detailed painting, Pat. I know your lovely story was set in the 50s and that's just how I remember them.

Edith said...

What a lovely illustration. And congrats on your lovely story in People's Friend. I really enjoyed it!

Flowerpot said...

Good to hear from you again Pat and I love teh painting.

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