Saturday, 26 July 2008


I entered a competition on Lucy Diamond's blog - had to make an anagram from Lucy Diamond Over You.
And I won! My prize is a signed copy of Lucy's book.
Lucy now has a 'write a limerick' comp on her blog with a fantastic prize for the winner, so hop over to her blog and enter. Hmm, you'll probably have to copy and paste that - I haven't mastered the link thingie yet.

When I read about that comp, it reminded me of the first prize I ever won. It was for a limerick and I was 8. And, yes, I can still remember it:
I thought I saw an elephant
Floating in the sky
I looked again
And saw it was
A red and white bow-tie.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat. thanks for your comment on my blog. It's good to know that someone's out there :)
Congrats on winning the limerick, I like the one you wrote when you were only 8 - you started writing very young, like me, but I was never encouraged at school to write any fiction. In fact, I was told not to 'make up' stories because it was considered to be a form of lying and only to write things that actually happened. Consequently, any creative desire to write left me until I was an adult.
I like the way you talk about how the area you live in inspires you to write, and that little bits of your home creep into your stories.
I love the sea and have recently moved close to it in the hope that it will inspire me. It was only 3 weeks ago, so I've yet to find out.

Christina Phillips said...

Yay Pat on winning the comp! And I *love* that limerick you wrote when you were only 8 - too funny!!!

Annie Bright said...

Congratulations Pat!!

I will give her limerick competition competition a go.

I like yours, made me chuckle :-))


PatP said...

Hi, Helen
Great to see you here.
Primary school was brilliant at encouraging creativity but it was a different matter at high school. I remember wanting to take shorthand and typing when I was 14 (yonks ago) and the headmistress wouldn't let me. She said I'd only use it to write stories and 'there's no point in that'.

Happy Days? I think NOT!

Here's hoping you'll be greatly inspired in your home near the sea.

PatP said...

Christina - glad you like my childhood limerick.
I hope your edits are going well.
I can't wait until Foretaste of Forever is published! And I tried to do the title in bold but it won't work!

PatP said...

Hi, Annie
Yes, do have a go at the limerick.
It will make two comp entries in two days for you.

Good luck for both.

KAREN said...

Well done. I entered too, but I'm not at all jealous...

Love the limerick - I once had a poem published in Judy comic but I can't for the life of me remember it!

PatP said...

Karen, I wouldn't have been jealous if you'd won, either...
we-e-e-ell, maybe a teensy bit (smile).

I never had anything in Judy but I did write a few stories for Twinkle and Little Star. They were probably way before your time, though.

Maddie Moon said...

Well done on winning the anagram competition. You've reminded me, I must buy Lucy's new book, the first one was brilliant!

I love your limerick too!

PatP said...

Maddie, I enjoyed Lucy's first book, too. I can't wait to read Over You.
Must. Get. My. Christmas. Story. Written. Before. My. Book. Arrives.

Glad you like my elephant limerick!


Well done on your win. Great limmerick BTW. TFX

PatP said...

Hi, TF
Thanks for the visit.
Glad you like my limerick! I'm looking forward to reading my prize.