Friday, 7 January 2011

Please Help Stop Cow Factory Farms

Ok, I know it's soooo long since I blogged - life and writing (lots of writing) ate up my time.
I hope some of my 'old' blog mates will see I have now posted and come and have a look.
Here is what broke my self-imposed 'no blogging' until I had something important to say.
I hope you'll all agree this is important!

Companies are planning to build huge 'mega-dairies' in Lincolnshire. These factory farms keep cows inside all year.
Please go and sign the petition.


Jarmara Falconer said...

Hi Pat and welcome back to Blogging world. I saw the programme about the Cows indoors and it was awful. In the American where it has been going for some time the cow don't know any different if they have be brought up like it, but to me it's a step backward if on one hand people feel good about all things that are natual to me there isn't anything natual about keeping cows indoors all day, no more than we allow prisoners to be locked up all day.

Pat Posner said...

Hi, Jarmara
Thanks for welcoming me back!
I didn't see that programme. I only found out about the plans for cow factory farming today - through a post on Facebook.
As for 'them' saying the cows don't know any difference if they're brought up like it...Well, that means all those cows and calves know is a cruel existence and I hope, that if enough people sign the petition, it won't happen here.

Nell Dixon said...

Pat! You're back! Will go sign, hate anything like that.

HelenMHunt said...

That does sound worrying. Will go and have a look. And welcome back xxx (hugs from furry N&Ns)

Debs Carr said...

Hello again. Lovely to see you back.

I haven't heard of these before and can't believe that anything like this exists in this day and age and will go and sign the petition right now.

Thanks to bringing it to my attention.x

Pat Posner said...

Nell, Helen, Furry N&Ns and Debs
Thanks for the welcome back. It's good to be here again after all this time.
Better than good that you feel as I do about the cow factory farms!

Flowerpot said...

Welcome back Pat! That is just so terrible it makes me speechless (only temporarily, never fear). Well done for bringing it to our attention.

Cait O'Connor said...

I will go sign.
Great to see you back!

Broadbeans said...

You're back, Pat! Whizzo! Have you been working on a blockbuster? I'll now have a look at the website for those poor cows. Have been to Hollingworth Lake a good few times this past year, accompanying daughter and grandbabies for windsurfing and canoeing voyages! Best wishes from Johnny Broadhead

Pat Posner said...

Thank you, Flowerpot. Good to see you (HUGS)
Hi, Cait, thank you for signing - and for the welcome back!
Johnny B! Hmm, time will tell if it's a blockbuster. Just don't hold your breath. Glad you had fun at Hollingworth Lake.

Jenny Beattie said...

Hello Pat. How lovely to see you back.

That is horrible. Did we learn nothing from feeding cows sheep brains? That was unnatural too.

Pat Posner said...

Jenny, thank you, it's good to be back!

Hopefully, this plan won't go ahead; though I've a horrible feeling if it fails this time they'll try again.

Amanda said...

Hope to see more of you around these parts, Pat. :-)) I will go and have a look now. x

Amanda said...

I've signed :-))

Pat Posner said...

Great to 'see' you again, Amanda!
Glad you signed

Anonymous said...

Well I never! welcome back to the land of blogging, my friend!!

I think keeping farm animals inside like this is totally unrealistic and I hope if those cows do get kept inside, they will poo absolutely everywhere and staff will be sliding about on cowpats. And perhaps break a few bones while they're at it.

Keep up the blogging, you know you want to....!

CJ xx

Pat Posner said...

Hi, Crystal
I wondered when you'd spot I'd sneaked back in to the Land of Blog!
Hope you and yours are all fine


Posie said...

Good to see you back and for an excellent cause, when will they get the message that people do not want produce from factory farms...sigh...and they rant about all of the health problems...

Jenny Beattie said...

Hi Pat, you're one of my birthday blog winners! Congratulations. Please email me your address so that (when I've bought them) I can send your prize.

Jenny Beattie said...

Pat, send to 4pmteatime at gmail dot com. Thank you.

Pat Posner said...

Yes, I guess they'll never get the message whether it's animals, forests, bees and all the other things being 'used' or wrecked for money-making schemes.

Pat Posner said...

Ooh, Jen, nice!
Have emailed.