Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ooh, An Award and a Win and Hedgehog

Thanks to Debs of Daydreams in the Shed
for this lovely award.
The rules are that I post seven things about me that you didn't know and then nominate seven other bloggers for this award.

1: Over the years, I have hand-reared seven baby hedgehogs
2: When we had fish and chip shops, I was known as the Mushy Peas Queen
3: I wrote most of the stories for My Little Pony comic for eight years
4: I get lost if I turn round twice
5: I can't drive (possibly related to#4)
6: Slugs make my ears pop
7: I love very sweet things to eat but can't stand sweet drinks
OK, so now for the nominations:
Aaaagh! Now I can't work out how to do the link thingie so I'll just have to name, Crystal Jigsaw, Shirley Wells, Amanda Ashby, http://laneswrite.blogspot.com/, http://nelldixonrw.blogspot.com/,
And the 'Win' bit of this post:  I won Kate Johnson's novel, The Untied Kingdom

Sick baby hedgehog
First Day

Baby hedgehog, Billie,
3 days later 1 oz heavier
Click the pictures to see larger version


Posie said...

I wish I had =known about the hedgehogs, we found a very young hedgehog the other summer, and managed to keep him/her going for a couple of days with milk, but could have done with some advice, the poor thing died.

Shirley Wells said...

Thanks for the award, Pat!

I hand-reared a few hedgehogs when I lived in Orkney. Gorgeous creatures.

Flowerpot said...

Seven baby hedgehogs - how lovely!

Pat Posner said...

Posie, 'they' say not to give hedgies milk but for the first few hours, day and night, I fed sick or abandoned babies on diluted evaporated milk with a sprinkle of glucose. Then it was readybrek with minced meat...then it was raw liver rolled in soil and water to drink.
After his first winter we made Billie a house in the summerhouse, we left the door open so he could have gone any time. But he didn't. When we moved from Lincolnshire to Lancashire, we had to bring him with us. He stayed with us for 6 years before wandering off one October. BUT he came back the following summer with a wife and babies.
I know it was him 'cos he climbed up my leg and grunted for a tickle under his chin.

Pat Posner said...

Shirley, they are gorgeous, aren't they!
Sadly, we haven't had any round here for a few years now.

Pat Posner said...

Flowerpot, it wasn't seven all at once. We did have two at the same time. Michael and Betty. We found Betty with a broken leg and took her to the vet. Her leg was in plaster for a while and she went past hibernation time so she stayed in my study in a big rabbit hutch with Michael - he wasn't heavy enough to hibernate safely - and we set them free in the spring.

Anonymous said...

Pleas will you write a book about Bill the hedgiehog

luv from Fionna

Debs Carr said...

What fascinating answers. I love hedgehogs and we have one here that the dog likes to annoy every so often, so he gets told off and made to come inside.

I love that your ears pop if you see a slug!

Anonymous said...


Was Billie too sick to curl in a ball and prickle you? Hedgehogs' prickles hurt.

And what is the lovely dog called? H/She's a Rough Collie like Lassie, right?

Cassam said...

Goodness, I bought My Little Pony Comic every week for my daughter and the books and the annuals and videos. It's a small world.