Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Fifteen Minutes of ("Friend") Fame

I had a lovely surprise yesterday when my People’s Friend editor emailed to say they’d like to do a little interview with me for the “Friend’s” blog. 
“What do you say?” she asked.
Well, of course, I was mightily chuffed and said, "Yes, please".
Then I promptly wrote ‘way too long’ answers to her questions.
(Yes, *sigh* I sometimes rabbit on too much in some of the stories I send for the Friend, too. So she was probably expecting me to do that. Sorry, Shirley!)

I mean, I even mentioned Tim ‘n’ Ted, our rough collies a few times!
But I do a lot of writing in my head and talking to my characters when I’m walking them through the woods so mentioning Tim ‘n’ Ted was kind of writing related! Howsumever, there wasn’t room for them to join me in my “Fifteen Minutes of Fame!”

Anyway, the end result is now on the “Friend’s” blog and I’m like a dog with two tails!  Do pop over and have a look at it: http://www.thepeoplesfriend.co.uk/friend-blog

And don’t forget to visit the Friend’s Fantastically Friendly Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/PeoplesFriendMagazine?ref=ts&fref=ts
You can chat to writers, readers and the editors. There’s some exciting news there and the editors provide virtual cake so we can all celebrate together.


joanne fox said...

How lovely. I'm going to read your interview now. It's great to have PF on Facebook too. Makes me feel more in touch with what's going on.

Teresa Ashby said...

It's a lovely interview, Pat, and you are one of the friendliest Friend writers I know - maybe they'll let Tim 'n' Ted do a blog of their own about how wonderful it is to live with a writer :-)x

Flowerpot said...

I'd much rather have longer answers than shorter ones Pat! xx

Wendy's Writing said...

That's great, Pat. I'm off to read it right now!

Anonymous said...

That was a nice interview Pat. I like the Peoples Friend web, it's good to see some of what's going to be in each issue.

I enjoyed your story this week.
Is it a prefab one coming next time? I do hope so.

Warm regards
Beryl James

susanjanejones said...

Great news Pat. I enjoyed your story in this weeks magazine as well, the one about the toys, lovely.xx

Frances Garrood said...

I tried to find your interview, but failed, Pat. What did I do wrong??

Pat Posner said...

The Friend FB page is great isn't it, Joanne. I like how the PF team keep us all updated and what's happening.

Pat Posner said...

Aww, thanks, Teresa.
Yes, Tim 'n' Ted like that idea!

Pat Posner said...

Yes, I'm not known for brevity, Flowerpot.
But, hey, I've kept this comment short!

Pat Posner said...

Hope you enjoyed it, Wendy!

Pat Posner said...

Hello again, Beryl.
I'm glad you like the Friend's webpage.
I'm glad you enjoyed Keeper of the Treasure, too!
There'll be another prefab story in an early January issue. You'll meet some new characters from the prefab village in this one.

Pat Posner said...

Thanks, Susan. I will collect my sweet award from you soon!

Pat Posner said...

The link for PF's web page should take you there, Frances.
Scroll down and you'll see next >>
Click on that and you should see my interview.

Karen said...

Lovely interview, Pat. Just right!

Maria Perry Mohan said...

I'd consider it a great honour to be pubbed by PF. It's a dream of mine in fact. I must keep trying.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat
I saw your name in the story contents list in Janaury 5th Peoples Friend. I hoped it was a story about the 1950s prefab characters. But it wasn't.
It was a sweet story but i dont know why that nurse mentioned the name Elizabeth. I liked the idea of someone calling their baby Diamond Jubilee, though. Poor little scrap. It made me giggle.

warm wished for 2013
Beryl James

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Romance Reader - Nas said...

Great news Pat. I'm off to read now...

penandpaints said...

Hi Pat
Congratulations, that's lovely, I've just been to read! (sorry I'm a bit late!)

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