Friday, 22 August 2008

By Popular Request...Introducing Tessa Buttons

In a way it hurts to post these photos just a week after Charlie-dog left us.
But I'm sure he and all our other pets, who are in the land over Rainbow Bridge, are happy Tessa Buttons feels so much at home already. And Tessa says:
Am I pretty or am I pretty? I feel SO happy here. I can hardly believe I can go all over the house, or that either Mum or Dad, and often both at once, are around to love me all the time. Just think, I'll never feel lonely ever again!

Next stop was the kitchen!
Food for Tessa? I like!
Then I explored the garden

I've got a lead on in case I run off.
As if I'd run away from my new home!

Tessa's Third Day
Hey, I get taken for walks lots of times every day now. And I'm such a good girl Mum and Dad let me off the lead to run and play. There are things called sheep, I started to chase one but Mum smacked me. She said that was the only thing she'd ever smack me for. I've promised Mum and Dad I'll try hard never to chase any.

Ok, I can see I need to work on layout (sigh) but, hopefully, you won't notice how messy this is because you'll all be too busy looking at Tessa.

Added Sunday 24th Aug: We know for sure now Tessa Buttons isn't pregnant. So glad, but it's going to curtail her new-found freedom for a while.



Pat, She has really landed on her feet finding you both, she is also one very lucky dog going for such lovely long wonderful walks in the open countryside TFx

Anonymous said...

Arrhhh, Pat, she's absolutely gorgeous. I would love to meet her some day. And she's right, she is a very lucky girl to have such wonderful parents.

CJ xx

Shirley said...

Pat, I've just found you. You should have told me you were blogging. Tsk.

Tessa is absolutely gorgeous. So pretty. She really has landed on her feet, hasn't she? Charlie-dog would be happy to know she's there.

Lane said...

Tessa Buttons is a babe! She is so beautiful.

I'm sure Charlie-Dog is very happy to see her settling in and enjoying all those gorgeous walks. I know it's hard when one pet has only just gone but if you love dogs, having one who needs a home is absolutely the right thing. She's a lucky girl:-)

Ellie said...

Oh..... SO beautiful! So pwerty!!!

Pat Posner said...

Thank you TF.
It's a good thing we like walking because Tessa B now takes it as her right to go out a hundred times a day! Luckily, she has nice long rest-offs in between and is happy to snooze while I'm on the computer.
Wish I had your skill with showing pictures here.

Pat Posner said...

Crystal, I'm sure you'll meet her one day soon.

Pat Posner said...

Well, Shirley
Seeing as a certain person was going to phone me to give me her new phone number...
I'm so glad you found me, though. We must have that boozy lunch er...writing catch-up soon.

Shirley said...

You can have the writing catch-up, Pat. I'll settle for the boozy lunch thank you very much.

Pat Posner said...

Tessa B fully approves of your comments about her!
I think we're lucky we were the 'chosen' ones when she needed rehoming.

Pat Posner said...

Tessa likes 'pwerty', as well! She is going to get so big-headed - or maybe a blog-tart!!!

snailbeachshepherdess said...

lovely. lovely dog for Lyn Anderson ..yikes I had thought it was Johnny Cash...havent stopped laughing for ages at the very thought!


Right Pat, sit up straight concentrate now. Let the lesson begin on photo layout.
OK are we ready?
1. Go to New Post
2. Click on add image icon (next to ABC)
3. Chose the Layout (NONE)
4. Image Size select LARGE
5. Go to top of screen click BROWSE
6. Select your image/photo.
7. Click on OPEN
8. If required, click on add another images/photo (upto a max of 8 can be posted,I think)
9.Click on upload image (wait have a slice of cake, eat chocolate:)
10.Click DONE
11.Click on image(s)if you want to re-position(options available are next to the 123 icon)
12. To resize image(s) move the mouse to the bottom right hand corner of the image then move the mouse upto the top of the page (reach for the sky)
13.The End, Magic Our Morris. Publish post. Go on woman, you can do it :) Tfx

Tam said...

OH. Now she is plain gorgeous, just like Charlie was. I don't know who's luckier to have found who, to be honest, just that it was obviously meant to be.

Pat Posner said...

Oh, now I see what I probably did wrong, TF. I'd done everything the way you say up until # 8.
I selected the images and uploaded them one by one - going back to the blog page every time and writing the text before selecting the next image.
So taa muchly for the lesson - I can't wait to try it out when we get the next lot of photos.

Pat Posner said...

Hi, Tam
I'm sure we'll enjoy having her and she sure seems to enjoy us having her.
She's sitting here preening at all the compliments.

Sara Hantz said...

Pat, she's GORGEOUS.... I LOVE her... give her lots of cuddles from me and Ellie!!!!

liz fenwick said...

Tessa is gorgeous!!!!

Annie Bright said...

Oh Pat, she's absolutely gorgeous. And what a lucky dog she is, to have you and Peter.
I'm certain Charlie-dog IS so pleased for you both and Tessa Buttons! And I'm so pleased for you too.
A xx

Christina Phillips said...

Aww Pat! Tessa Buttons is soooo pretty!!!

Honeysuckle said...

She's beautiful, and what gorgeous countryside you have nearby to go for all those walks.

Yvonne said...

Tessa is gorgeous! And you live in a gorgeous area.

Flowerpot said...

Tessa looks lovely and I'm sure you will all be very happy together!

Pat Posner said...

Thanks to Snailbeach (we love that name), Sara and Ellie, Liz, Annie, Christina, Honeysuckle, Yvonne and Flowerpot and to everyone else for the welcome to - and comments about - Tessa Buttons.
LOL, it's like an Oscar speech.

But the thank-yous really are heartfelt; it's helped a lot having such support and wishes from the Land of Blog.

Hugs (and Tessa B licks) to you all.

Debs said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures, Tessa is a very lucky dog finding such a loving home, and in such a beautiful place too.

I'm sure Charlie-Dog is very happy for her too.

Pat Posner said...

Aww, thank you, Debs.
One of the regular dog-walkers round here has a dog just like your Grumpy and Tessa B likes him a lot!

KAREN said...

Oh she's so fluffy! And a very similar colour to our Molly-dog. She looks very happy to have found you :o)

Pat Posner said...

Hi, Karen
Tessa B looks extra fluffy on some of the photos because she'd been out in the rain (and dried off) so many times. I had to comb out the dreadlocks behind her ears today.
She sends 'Woofs' to Molly-Dog

Kate Hardy said...

Pat, so pleased to see Tessa Buttons here! Especially as I know how bad you were feeling re Charlie. Just lovely to see her.
Kate xxx

Pondside said...

Lovely Tessa Buttons - nice to meet the two of you! Our Rosie is also a rescue - she came to us must two weeks after we said goodbye to our Cairn, D'Arcy. She walked off the plane and straight into our hearts. I wish you years of good walks and loving companionship with Tessa.

Pat Posner said...

Good to see you here, Kate!

Pat Posner said...

Great to meet you, too, Pondside. It's strange how the timing works when there's a dog needing a new home! Tessa B and I spent quite a long time over on your lovely blog but we couldn't see a picture of Rosie. Is there one anywhere? Maybe we didn't go far enough back.

Carol and Chris said...

Awwww, she's gorgeous Pat!! I'm so glad you all found each other :-)

C x

Pat Posner said...

Thanks, C
We're glad, too!

L-Plate Author said...

Hi Pat, now I know why you like Flynn, I love dog people! (I would love to have chickens too but don't have the room:( )

I think Tessa Buttons is going to have a lovely home with you. I will keep an eye on her on your blog. She looks a lively girl, I'm sure she'll settle in very nicely x

Pat Posner said...

Welcome, L-Plate Author
Yes, husband and I are very dog people. There are a lot of us in blog land aren't there! It's been great to make so many new blog friends who, as well as sharing writing and writing and reading related things, like/have dogs and other pets, like country-life, take great photos and have blogs I love visiting.
(Whew, talk about waxing lyrical; but I mean it.)
Come and visit again and I'm sure Tessa B wishes she could meet Flynn and his big bro - she's verrrry flirty right now!

Rebecca Taunton said...

Such a gorgeous dog! And so lucky to have all that countryside to roam in with her new "parents".

Pat Posner said...

Welcome, Rebecca
Your Troika is gorgeous, too, a real handsome lad!
LOL! This really is turning into a Dog-Blog.
On the 'writerly' front...maybe I'm just about ready to get back to writing again.

Kerry said...

So so very cute!!!!

Pat Posner said...

Thanks, Kerry
I think she knows it, too!

ChrisH said...

Hi Pat, good to catch up with you. So sorry to read about Charlie-dog, what a sad time for you.

I laughed at your previous post, though. I tend to gnash my teeth a bit at comps like that. Congratulations on all your sales.

Pat Posner said...

Nice to see you here! Some comps are very teeth-gnashing, aren't they!
As for my sales: Seeing as I got 4 rejections today, I feel like 'It was good while it lasted' (sigh).

Lyn said...

What a beautiful dog Tessa is, and what a lucky girl. It does seem like fate and that you were meant to find each other.

I can't believe Collie Rescue said you were too OLD to have a dog - obviously if you're fit enough to walk up and down those hills and you've had dogs before you're the perfect people to have one.

I'm glad it all worked out in the end though. Charlie Dog looks lovely and I know it must still hurt, but I always think it's the best compliment you can pay to the one you've lost to want to give another dog a home and fill that empty space. The previous dog can never be replaced but love is infinite and the human heart expands to hold a many animals and people as you want it to.

I lost my last little dog Blaze (A gorgeous little Shiba with 'attitude') a couple of years ago and at the beginning of September last year, we went 'home' to Wales and adopted an adult Jack Russell from 'Ty Agored' animal sanctuary (Open House) He'd been badly treated but has now settled in as if he'd always been with us, spoilt rotten and I'm sure the spirits of Blaze and my beagle, Hans, sit on his shoulder and whisper how to get round the humans to get exactly what he wants.

I love the pictures of Tessa Buttons, and the countryside looks beautiful, almost like my Welsh homeland. Tessa is gorgeous and I'm so glad you were there at just the right time for her.

Pat Posner said...

Thanks for such a lovely post, Lyn;
I've emailed you.

Anonymous said...

She is very beautiful! and a lucky young lady to have such a great home. She looks like a real Princess!

wordtryst said...

She's a beauty. And a born model too - just look at the pose in the first photo! Is she a collie? I've only seen collies here once and I had to stop the car and stare - they were that beautiful.

Pat Posner said...

Sorry, Liane
I've only just seen your comment.
Yes, Tessa Buttons is a 'Rough Collie' - sometimes called a Lassie Collie.