Thursday, 10 September 2009

Doubly Amazing

Penguin and the New Baby was one of the first picture books I had published.
I was talking to an editor on the phone about a completely different ms I'd submitted
and she said she was desperate for some picture books.
I 'wrote' 2 Penguin books there and then over the phone!
Unfortunately, that publisher went bankrupt before the hardback editions were published
but the paperback rights had been sold and they were published in 1992.
Yes, seventeen years ago - so I was amazed to see a recent review!
The second amazing thing is it was reviewed by a young girl taking part in
Premier's Summer Reading Challenge 2008-9
in Western Australia.
I've not shown her name, but here's what she said:
Penguin and the New Baby by Pat Posner and Alison Finch
I read Penguin and the New Baby written by Pat Posner
and illustrated by Alison Finch.
They had a new baby in the house and Penguin was sad because the baby cried a lot.
Then they went to the park and Penguin got to sit on the front of the pram.
Every one crowed the baby. The baby cried again.
When they went back home they feed the baby again
and the baby smiled at penguin.
I liked this story because they get a new baby in their house and because the baby smiles at Penguin.
Girl age 6 from Kinross 14 January 2009


Kate Hardy said...

How lovely! Congrats :o)

Pat Posner said...

Thanks, Kate!

The Weaver of Grass said...

How lovely for you to read that Pat after all those years. Well done.


How lovely :) It's nice to think that each generation sees and reads your book through fresh opened eyes :) TFx

Nell Dixon said...

AW! That's so lovely!

Carol said...

Awwww, that is really sweet!! Must have been a nice surprise :-)

C x

Flowerpot said...

That is just wonderful, Pat!

Debs said...

That's so lovely. Congratulations.

Pat Posner said...

Thanks, Weaver! It gave me the fuzzies.
TF, that’s a lovely thought!
Hi, Nell, ’tis lovely.
Carol, it was a big surprise.
Flowerpot, 'wonderful's' a good word for it.
I'll treasure the 'late' review, Debs

Honeysuckle said...

That's really lovely. Children all over the world must've enjoyed that story - and you wrote it over the phone!!

ChrisH said...

That's a really lovely story - bet that's worth a 1000 'proper' reviews.

Anonymous said...

That's lovely, Pat. What a great review by one so young. Obviously someone who loves your work as the rest of us.

Trust you are well, hope I'll see you again soon xx

Colette said...

I'll bet you couldn't get the smile off your face.

HelenMHunt said...

I love the cover of the penguin book. Lovely. Lots of hugs from furry cousins to T&T

Amanda said...

Lovely... congrats, Pat xx

Angela said...

I think this is so cool, after all those years! It's great to know your books are still loved!

Karen said...

What a fabulous story! Amazing to be receive such a lovely review after all this time :o)

Tam said...

Oooh, fab :-) Time for a reprint, possibly?

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh that's so lovely! Must have been a lovely surprise!

Bluestocking Mum said...

Isn't that lovely to hear.

Well done. Books are timeless.

warm wishes

KatW said...

What a fab story! I love that you told the stories over the phone to the editor. Wonderful that someone the other side of the world is reading your book and reviewing it after 17 years. Great.
Kat :-)

Pat Posner said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!
Have been MIA for a while due to puter problems.

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