Thursday, 4 October 2012


Yes, it's Good “Friend” News Week!

I know from the comments on my blog posts, and letters in the The People’s Friend itself, how readers like to chat about the magazine and the stories.

Well, the good, exciting, lovely news is:

The “Friend” has given you a NEW PLACE to do just that. So come on over and chat to other readers, to writers and to the friendly “Friend” editors.

The webpage has had a face-lift, too. Every week, you can have a sneak-peek inside the current issue and read snippets of other news, too!


Teresa Ashby said...

It's lovely isn't it, Pat :-) Refreshing :-) x

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Thanks for the link, Pat. x

Nell Dixon said...

So thrilled - made my day. I love the friend - persuaded my local libraries to stock it for the reading room.

susanjanejones said...

It's really whizzed into the limelight hasn't it Pat? I was worried around six months ago that it might dissapear what with all the e. books and things, I'm thrilled that they're keeping ahead with the times. I'm still hoping to have a story published in there one day.xx You have cake over on my blog.xx

Rena George said...

I've just been blogging about this, Pat. Thanks for the Facebook link.x

Iona said...

This is awesome!